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An epic adventure discovering bush camp gems.
Xplore! is a series of video shows covering mainly rustic 4x4 bush and wild camping sites in Southern Africa – in search of hidden gems on unbridled routes taking you to places where your soul rejuvenates. This is where you spend an absolute fortune on camping gear just to live like a homeless person!
The Xplore! video series also includes related articles, short video clips and pictures on 4x4 routes, 4x4 driving tips, 4x4 equipment, 4x4 tyres and pressures, menu planning and food prep, limited bush cooking and camping cuisine, camping hygiene and first aid, tips on bush camping etiquette, gear and product inserts, trip planning tips and navigation, camp site reviews including formal accommodation, sightseeing and attractive destinations, things-to-do and day outings, other activities such as mountain biking, hiking, fishing, museums, etc.
The first series of shows focusses on bush campsites in-and-around Gauteng – perfect for a weekend in the bush. We will also cover other accommodation types (glamping) such as lodges, luxury tented accommodation, chalets, and formal campsites which Xplore! classifies as gems in nature reserves, game farms, boutique resorts, etc.

We also cover destinations with longer stays such as long weekends, school holidays and typical overlanding adventures.

Everybody has a definition for “bush” camping. Just to clarify what Xplore! is all about:

Camping: this is where you put up your own campsite – tents, offroad trailers and offroad caravans

  • Formal camping = platkar friendly with the “5-star hotel-on-wheels caravan”, typical resort-type campsites, full / luxury / private ablution facilities, numbered or allocated sites, electricity and water at every site, larger campgrounds with sites next to (or on top of) each other, lots of onsite entertainment, swimming pools, onsite restaurant and shop, etc.
  • Bush camping = SUV friendly, but preferably in your 4x4 - basic ablution facilities with flush toilet and hot shower, small, secluded camp site situated in a bush surrounding / nature reserve, limited electricity and water, semi self-sufficient
  • Wild camping = 4x4 only as you will drive on off-road tracks - very basic to no ablution facilities with pit toilet or none, wood-fired geyser or none, no electricity, totally secluded in the bush, mostly to fully self-sufficient. What you bring in, you take out as well (rubbish).

Glamping: this is where you arrive in your platkar, SUV or yuppy 4x4 with low-profile tyres - lodges, luxury tented accommodation, chalets, and luxury campsites.

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