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Xplore! Gauteng

Xplore! GAUTENG is a series of video shows, short videos, video clips, and pictures covering mainly rustic 4x4 bush and wild camping sites in Gauteng – in search of hidden gems on unbridled routes taking you to spectacular places where your soul rejuvenates. All within reaching distance when you leave the office on a Friday afternoon to pitch camp before dark. Let’s “chillax” for the weekend. Escape the concrete jungle for a weekend adventure!
The Xplore! video series also includes related articles, short video clips and pictures on 4x4 routes, 4x4 driving tips, 4x4 equipment, 4x4 tyres and pressures, menu planning and food prep, limited bush cooking and camping cuisine, camping hygiene and first aid, tips on bush camping etiquette, gear and product inserts, trip planning tips and navigation, camp site reviews including formal accommodation, sightseeing and attractive destinations, things-to-do and day outings, other activities such as mountain biking, hiking, fishing, museums, photography, boutique restaurants, etc.

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