About us

Founders of LR Classic, Andre Verster and Johan Kriek, each owned and operated over-land adventure businesses with their fleet of beloved Land Rover Defenders.

On a very special evening during a reconnaissance adventure, chill-laxing around a mesmerizing campfire deep in the Mozambique bush, Andre and Johan uncorked a couple of bottles of their favorite Pinotage. The bush-chatter was their favorite topic – Land Rover Defenders and Land Rover Series!! They shared past adventures, expeditions and safaris, their love for classic Landy’s and their passion for safaris and overlanding. Before much time passed, the two had decided to join forces and fulfill their lifelong vision, and LR Classic was conceived!

Johan is also owner of the renowned Defender Trophy. The Defender Trophy is an international “Land Rover Defenders only” bi-annual event taking place in Southern Africa. LR Classic is an associate to the Defender Trophy offering event support, rental Defenders to foreign participants and scrumptious catering for foreign participants and the crew.

Our Vision

Our vision for LR Classic is to become a desired specialist tour operator and distinctive events host in Southern Africa. Our focus is offering international and local guests exclusive guided self-drive classic safaris with our fleet of authentic Land Rovers.

Our Team

Andre Verster

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