Magaliesburg Series Rally

Our first ever Series Rally is from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 August 2021, with many more to come!

The concept of the Series Rally is for Land Rover Series owners to get together with other Series owners for a fun weekend at a safe camping spot where we can enjoy nature and 4x4ing whilst supporting the tourism sector devastated by the Covid-19 lockdown.

The recent Series Rally Magalies supported two different campsites. On the Saturday we enjoyed breakfast at a lodge, and we were treated to a proper Sunday lunch at a German boutique restaurant at Harties.

Friday’s rendezvous point was at the new workshop of The Landy Net between Krugersdorp and Randfontein for a light lunch before departing on our adventure. Magician-technician and brilliant Landy mechanic Warren and his wife, Storm, an absolute Landy fanatic herself, are the passionate owners of The Landy Net, hosted the group of Series Landy owners.

First to arrive was Quintus and a friend, Sheldon, in their dove-grey 1972 Series III 100”.

LR Classic owner and Series Rally operator André and his sidekick, Wesley, arrived soon thereafter with Lady Jane, a stunning 1971 Series IIA109, and old Buksie, a rough-and-tough 1983 Series III 88”.

The parking lot at The Landy Net was packed with Series Landies including stunning examples of Series I and Series II vehicles lovingly restored by The Landy Net.

Andre’s phone rang and it was Dirk with his 1962 Series II and Johan with his 1958 Series II, who somehow got lost and drove past the bright purple building which housed The Landy Net workshop. They could not find the entrance and André had to go to find them.

Dirk, Yolandi and daughters Elmary and Taria; and Johan, Marlize and daughters Annabelle and Charlette, were delighted to eventually arrive at The Landy Net. Then another phone call to André from Wim and Amanda, who earlier arranged with André to meet up with the group at our first campsite outside Magaliesburg. Wim could not wait and got to leave his office early to join us for lunch, however, his Forward Control developed brake problems. He was just around the corner from The Landy Net. Warren advised them to clamp a brake line and the Forward Control arrived shortly thereafter.

Warren and his expert team of mechanics quickly replaced the right front wheel cylinders, front wheel bearings and hub seal.

Then the Three Musketeers arrived – young big “boereseuns” from Groblersdal: Sarel, LP and Schalk. How the three of them fitted into the single cab 1979 Series 2, only they would know!

Sheldon took charge of the boerie rolls and we enjoyed a great lunch.

The convoy departed shortly after and about an hour later arrived safely at Eastco Magalies for our first night’s camping. LR Classic arranged for a camping spot where all camped together in a circle with a campfire and braai area in the center.

Old Buksie carried the campfire grid and big drum braai on the roof rack. The Three Musketeers offered to off-load it and start the campfire.

In the meantime, our back-up crew from The Landy Net – Warren, Storm and their daughters, Maddy and Charley, arrived in their stunning Defender Puma 110. They followed Wim and Amanda in their Forward Control to make sure all was fine with the brakes. However, The Landy Net did a fantastic repair job earlier and they all arrived safely.

Yolandi and Marlize took the Land Net daughters for a swim in the heated indoor pool whilst we got the braai going.

It got a touch chilly, and the campfire was a major attraction. We all enjoyed dinner around the flames under the starlit sky. Landy-chatter was at the order of the day and it carried on until late evening . . .

The next morning, we had to break camp and depart to Askari Lodge for breakfast around 08:30. André was guilty of a cardinal sin – he “forgot” to fill up his beloved Series IIA named Lady Jane with enough fuel for the remainder of the adventure – eish, and he was our guide! He had to pay for his little planning error later.

Andre left to fill up at a nearby filling station and delegated the task to Wesley to take the convoy to the entrance gate at Askari. All the Landies arriving at Askari created an inquisitive vibe and other guests were awed by all the old beauties!

Breakfast was served a while later. The Three Musketeers seemed to be a bit thirsty – perhaps from not having enough beverages the night before – and enjoyed expensive “fruit juice” with their breakfast! Askari has an interesting selection of restored ox wagons, carts, and artifacts. The convoy departed after a walk through the ox-wagon museum.

We left Askari with tummies full and ready for some 4×4 action. The rough dirt road took us to the foot of the notorious Breedsnek Pass. André stopped the convoy for all to engage low range and to lock wheel hubs. Now the serious challenge lies ahead to conquer the pass up to the summit. Ascending the tough pass with deep ruts, huge boulders, loose rocks, steep inclines, and sharp turns were no match for the crawling Series Landies. A great look-out point on top of the pass offered an opportunity for a lunch stop, taking pictures and having fun. The young crowd decided to jump on a Landy bonnet for pictures!

Descending to our next campsite, we noticed another vehicle approaching us on the pass – it was a small grey dot in the distance. The vehicle stopped and turned back. It seemed obvious that the driver was uncomfortable driving up the severely damaged pass. We had fun coming down the mountain! The grey dot was now much closer, and it turned out to be another Landy – a brand spanking New Defender! The driver stopped and asked us where we came from. We told him we came from the pass and saw him from the top. He was overly impressed with the old girls and asked to take pictures. The New Defender never went up the pass . . .

We arrived safely at our destination: Afri-Sun campsite. We pitched camp and started the bush TV. We all enjoyed a lekker braai and stories around the campfire. Warren had his two daughters on his lap; Charlie somehow wiggled her way off his lap and fell to the ground with a thump, shoulder first. She cried and eventually fell asleep, only to realise the next morning that her collarbone broke when she fell. Tough as nails, as she had discomfort throughout the night, but didn’t cry! Some of us stayed up deep into the early hours of the morning next to the campfire.

Warren, Storm, Charlie and Maddy left early on Sunday morning to take the injured girl to the hospital. We broke camp and left in the direction of Damdoryn near Harties via Mooinooi. The Citrus Cellar outside Damdoryn was closed (Lockdown!) so we had to skip the planned mampoer tasting session.

The Landy convoy arrived at African Swiss, a Swiss/German cuisine restaurant. What a beautiful setting against the backdrop of the cliffs of the Magaliesberg mountains with the Landies parked in a row! We had a choice of three main-course meals – their specialty is a cheese fondue! We devoured the scrumptious lunch, had drinks, and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

Later everyone left in their own time and all arrived safely back home.

A big thank you from LRClassic & André Verster to all participants in this first Series Rally to make it such a success, thank you to our hosts The Landy Net for Friday lunch, Eastco Magalies and Afri-Sun for the campsites, the team at Askari for lekker brêkfis, and African Swiss for a scrumptious lunch! We trust all participants thoroughly enjoyed the Series Rally Magalies!! We hope to see you soon!!

P.S.: Charlie’s collarbone healed, and she is smiling again!!

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